We're two best friends that decided that we'd share our minds with the rest of you. And honestly, that's what we're doing. Everything you see is from our own minds [unless we give credit in the description to other sources] and we're proud to say we're both self-taught. Nothing really scares us in this world more than each other and even then, it takes a lot. Sometimes we like to play in lava but that's only when the floor is out of commission. From paintings to dioramas, this is Entwined Chaos.

Monday, January 27, 2020

A Chaotic Interwebs

Once in a while, you do something you're proud of.

So many people have been asking when we'll have our website up and running... Well, it's up and running! No, we don't have any merchandise (currently being sold) on the website or store as of yet however, the website is published for you all to go peruse!

We're completely open to listen to your works of commission if you'd like something. We do apologize we do not have much up in lieu of our portfolio but we both just got back into our passion and we have a ton going on in our personal lives. It is completely understandable if you have second thoughts on anything we do. It's to be expected.

So let us know what you think of the website and remember, we're still working things on it so it isn't "flawless" as of yet. If you run into any problems, broken links, or things that make your brain explode do these two things:

1. Film your brain exploding. We love the movie "Scanners" and we'd love to see that recreated in real-life if you can....... (Legally, of course.)
2. Contact us at "contact@entwinedchaos.com" and let us know what's going on. Give us screenshots, what type of mobile device or computer you're using, the browser used, the OS currently in-date on your device and anything else that might help us troubleshoot the problem faster. Please be sure you troubleshoot yourselves before contacting us. We may not be able to get to your request or concern right away!! We do apologize ahead of time. 

What are some worlds you'd like to see built by Entwined Chaos? Is there a movie, fairy tale, or story you've heard that you'd like a different rendition on? Let us know!! We'd love to hear what worlds you all "live" in when you escape reality.
With Entwined Chaos, you have endless possibilities...