We're two best friends that decided that we'd share our minds with the rest of you. And honestly, that's what we're doing. Everything you see is from our own minds [unless we give credit in the description to other sources] and we're proud to say we're both self-taught. Nothing really scares us in this world more than each other and even then, it takes a lot. Sometimes we like to play in lava but that's only when the floor is out of commission. From paintings to dioramas, this is Entwined Chaos.

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Paintings and Models and Minis... OH MY! 😱

Paintings and Models and Minis... OH MY!

As some of you have already seen at the online store, there are a few different item categories to choose from. But what do each of them mean exactly? We're going to break it down, chaotically, for you!

We would hope this is quite self-explanatory but just in case, we'll make sure you do understand with giving you a little more information.
Paintings are exactly what the name suggests, PAINTINGS! These are canvas painted paintings. The size of the canvas paintings are normally done in 16x22 with 8x10 being the next most common done here at Entwined Chaos. That being said, we're up for tackling any size so long as we can get that canvas and it can be shipped!!

What in the hell is a die-oh-rom-uh?! Some of you know exactly what this is and to others, you're new to the word. Think of a diorama [in its definition] as a small-scale model of a scene. In the model world however, it can be any and everything that can be dreamed of. Reality, fantasy, non-fiction, events from history.. The list is LITERALLY never-ending!

Most dioramas are fairly small meaning that the average size is anywhere around the neighborhood of 6 x 6 x 8 [inches] or 152 x 152 x 203 [millimeters and the most used metric system through the small-scale/model world]. If you've heard the term "HO scale" then you've more than likely came across a railroad model. These are simply beautiful and some of the most, if not the most, realistic scenes you will ever find.

The most common measurements in HO scale is one foot or 3.5 mm. This is, of course, from side to side. The height is usually no more than two and a half inches or so. [The height and width of the train itself. Buildings, trees, people, scatter, etc. are measured to fit this scale of course. 1:87 scale is what you may find it listed as as well.]

Chaos Package
It's a package, that's the first thing you need to know!! It's a package of a painting and a model! You'll get a deal and save money but these will be very limited when they're available.

The painting and model [or diorama] will be within the same theme and/or world. Dragons and fairies? The painting and model will play off of one another. An apocalyptic city? Again, both will play off the other. To be clear, these will come in VERY limited and on a first come, first serve basis. So if you see that we have a Chaos Package, don't expect it to be there for too long as once it is bought... It will never return again! 

In Conclusion
These are the current packages we will be offering and we're working on at the moment. We might come out with more in the future but we felt it fitting and it made more sense, as chaotic as the two of us are, to have it as simple for you all as possible. Once the store opens, you'll notice there are only about five items available at any given time. This does not mean that is all we have for sale. We will also post to Instagram and Facebook what else is for sale. What is on the store are what is easier to put up for sale and we can't, currently, afford to buy more inventory slots so that is why the limited number of items are/will be listed on the actual store.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions or would like to run things by us then please feel free to contact us here. We will answer you as soon as our entwined minds come out of the chaotic bliss that is this world.

Endless possibilities await...