We're two best friends that decided that we'd share our minds with the rest of you. And honestly, that's what we're doing. Everything you see is from our own minds [unless we give credit in the description to other sources] and we're proud to say we're both self-taught. Nothing really scares us in this world more than each other and even then, it takes a lot. Sometimes we like to play in lava but that's only when the floor is out of commission. From paintings to dioramas, this is Entwined Chaos.

Monday, June 3, 2019

What Is This "Entwined Chaos"?

Throughout both of our lives, the two of us have always had a creative, imaginative, open-minded, and flourishing brains. Whether it was in our personal lives or at work we were always thinking of something to "better" what we were doing. Not in the sense that makes things easier or even to help others but more along the lines of expressing ourselves.

One of us paints while the other one builds physical renditions of our worlds. The thing that makes us click? The thought process behind them are almost identical. From the simplicity to the extravagant, there's always something that connects the two of us in the way we express through our work.

So why are some things beautiful and fantasy-like while other things are dark and depressing?

That's the beauty of art, it's expressive of our emotions and thoughts. Andy Warhol once said, "People should fall in love with their eyes closed." and although he meant it in the emotion of love, it still holds true to art. It isn't the 99% that you visually see in our art that conveys how we felt when painting or build but yet, it's what the 1% of you sees in it from within. Is it depressing or is it screaming "I need you!"? Is it fantasy or is it our Utopia? Yes, some of our work might very well have a dark, depressing, or angry theme but that doesn't mean we necessarily felt that whilst we were creating it.

Now how on Earth did the two of us come together and decide to sell our art?

It's quite simple, we love one another and are always at the other one's beck and call. No matter the time of day, what's going on i our lives, we're there for the other. It was the perfect fit. We'd always wanted to do something together and as soon as one of us brought the idea up to the other, it was an automatic YES!! Neither of us had to think about it and it was [quite literally] meant to be.

Entwined Chaos, why such a descriptive and mind-boggling name?

Why not? It tells exactly what we do is. It's beautiful, it's masterful, it's chaotic, it's bliss. Not only that we're entwined in the other one's mind. You know when you're talking to someone and you say the same thing or you were thinking about texting someone and they text you? Or a number of any of those "coincidences"? That's us. That is what Entwined Chaos is.

Where are the models? I see paintings but I've not seen one, not one model!!

Well, you're waiting which is a good and bad thing. We do apologize no models or any of that nature has been yet displayed but we're very busy and we're working on them. They're coming, slowly but surely, they're coming. If you have any questions as to commissions for models, small-scales, etc. then please don't hesitate to contact us! We're still getting things off of the ground to bring you the best possible customer service and quality keepsakes that we can possibly bring to you. Just bear with us a little bit longer. The two of us hate to promise one thing only to have that promise broken even when it's out of our control thus, we have not put a date on the store being available for purchases, models have no been displayed yet, and things of that nature.

Have other questions, comments, concerns, suggestions or just want to pick at our brains? Feel free to contact us by going here and we promise we'll answer as soon as the world goes back to turning.